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Curriculum Vitae
"What I've done in life up to now."

Born in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Moved to Geneva, Switzerland.

Moved to Ohio, USA.

Moved to Wiesbaden, Germany.
International School of Wiesbaden, preprimary. 

Moved to Barcelona, Spain.
Deutsche Schule Barcelona, elementary school.

Moved to Wiesbaden, Germany.
Dilthey Schule, lower school to high school graduation.

November 2014
Internship at Scholz&Volkmer.

Juni 2017 
Successfully passed Abitur.

Juli – August 2017
Worked as a waitress and travelled solo through Europe. 

Oktober 2017
Start of dual studies in media design at the DHBW Ravensburg.  

Januar – Juli 2018
Employed by Catch Advertising, Wiesbaden.
Within the dual study program.

Juli 2018 – Oktober 2020
Employed by STUDIO Randale, Fulda.
Within the dual study program.

Oktober 2020 
Successfully passed Bachelor of Arts.

January 2021 – February 2021
Internship at Sustainable Fashion Matterz.

February 2021 – May 2021
Internship at Grabarz & Partner.

May 2021 – December 2021
Internship at KOREFE.

January 2022 – June 2022
Employed by HEIMAT Berlin as a Junior Art Director.

June 2022
Decided to take some time off to recharge, to focus on my photography and to work as a freelancer. 

My skills:

foto- and filmshoots, concept, campaigns, graphic design, pre- and post production

I’m fluent in English, German and Spanish. I don't like to stand out as a tourist on vacation, I always have a song stuck in my head and I love dogs. :)